Close Encounter of the Bull Kind

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My friend located this video from Pamplona, Spain when I was doing the Runninng of the Bulls. Someone in the stands just happened to be shooting the video.

About halfway through you can see my closest encounter with a bull on that day. I know the quality isn’t very good but it certainly is me. Just look for the long haired guy.

I was being pushed back while I grabbed onto his horns. Luckily, I got by relatively unscathed.

Nothing to do with hand balancing except that I want to go back and do a handstand on top of a bull horn’s or maybe just a handspring off of its back. Perhaps next year.

I highly recommend participating if you get a chance. It’s the thrill of a lifetime.

This is just for fun, but I got another big annoucement coming in the next couple of days.

Keep up the hand balancing,
Logan Christopher

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