Clothing Related Acrobatics

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This video features Damien Walters and Tim Shieff in what I’ve termed as clothing related acrobatics.

The name of it is ‘One Leg at a Time’, which is going off the saying “I put my pants on one leg at a time,” which implies I’m a normal human being just like you. Of course these guys are anything but normal, and how they put their pants on, as well as other clothes, and taking them off in this video, is far beyond the ability of most people.

There’s lots of amazing acrobatics and other stuff, like undressing while hanging on a bar. Tons of cool partner tumbling drills too.

Then there is some goofing off with water balloons followed by some very inventive escalator tricks. I want to try that first one, hanging on it from the outside.

Here’s the previous episode with Damien Walters and Tim Shieff.


  1. where is this awesome gym where the guys are tumbling? I’m already probably too old for this, but would sign up in 2 seconds if I could tumble there!!!! 🙂

    1. Author

      @Bernie: I’m not sure, but it’s somewhere in the UK. While not all gymnastics facilities will be this nice, most should have a majority of this equipment.

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