Conditioning Continuum

Conditioning Continuum

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This is one of the over-arching principles of strength and endurance which I call the Conditioning Continuum.

It’s one of the 7 principles found in Explosive Bodyweight Conditioning that I want to discuss today.

And although the course is about explosive bodyweight exercises for endurance this principle applies to your training no matter how you do it.

People like to separate things. It’s a useful ability but it can also close you off to even more useful ideas.

One of these is the concepts of strength and endurance.

Conditioning Continuum

When you think of strength what do you imagine? Lifting a heavy weight? A one repetition maximum?

That would be what most people think of. And its right although there are many other definitions that work equally as well.

When it comes to the Conditioning Continuum that sort of strength is on the far left. Its maximum strength with no real endurance needed.

On the other side we have endurance. The common even stereotypical example is a marathon runner. No real strength needed here, but a whole bunch of endurance.

Here’s where the problem is. If you only think in these terms of limit strength and close to it, and extreme endurance examples you’re missing out on everything in the middle.

The middle is where everything lays that could be called strength-endurance. Of course things don’t just neatly fit into this category either.

Think about a 10 minute kettlebell snatch test.

Or pushing a van for 100 yards.

What about a mile run?

In these examples your strength could be what is holding you back from doing more or going faster. But it could also be your endurance.

When you look at what you’re doing and what you want to accomplish you need to see where your time is best spent.

Tons more information is available in Explosive Bodyweight Conditioning, a 2 DVD set that gives you tons of exercises, variations, workouts and how to put this Conditioning Continnum to work for you.

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  1. Well, if you ran a marathon it would be endurance, but if Bud Jeffries circa 2006 ran a marathon it would be strength-endurance.
    Jokes aside, the difference from going to strength from endurance or vice versa is like judging when you have gone from grains of sand to a pile.

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