K27 Energy Drill

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Here’s a short clip from the New Energy Drills DVD.

Much of this comes from Chinese Medicine and different sources that involve the different acupressure points, meridians and other energy systems of the body.

The kidney meridian runs from the bottom of the foot up the legs and body into right under the inside of the collar bone.

The kidney meridian has been called the battery for the other meridians of the body. When you thump or massage kidney point 27, known as K27, as shown in the video here you can jumpstart your energy systems.

Just think of it like you’re jumpstarting your car when you’ve left the headlights on all night long. That’s what it can do for you.

A great drill to do every single day and as you can see it won’t take even a minute to do.

This is one drill of at least 20 found in the new DVD Energy Drills for Strength, Flexibility and Athleticism.

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