Crazy BBoy Video

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Ralph sent me this compilation video of bboying and I was amazed. Lots of purely awesome moves.

I’m not sure what makes something a power move in the bboy world as opposed to something else. Anyone care to fill me in on the comments below?

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  1. WHOA man! Good shit! Very dope video compilation of INSANE Breakdancing indeed! I Thought I pass you the wikipedia answer as to WHAT makes a Power move a POWER move in Breakdancing! So here it is man, this is what I found on wikipedia:

    “Power moves are moves loosely defined as relying on speed, momentum, and acrobatic elements for performance. They are prominent in B-boying, often the centerpieces of routines featuring the other elements (toprock, downrock, and freezes) that make up breakdancing. B-boys who focus heavily on power moves and execute them as a main part of their routines are often called “power heads”!

    So I hope that that settles it and makes everything clear over here! Although I’m NOT sure if this is even COMPLETELY accurate, as wikipedia has some BS info as well on some subjects & topics… But nontheless, I think this is quite accurate! But I’m pretty damn sure that you ALREADY have been searching to the meaning of “Power moves” in Breakdancing yourself, after posting this article & video!

    If not, then here it is nontheless… the explanation that is!

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