Curved vs Straight Handstand

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Is a straight handstand really the only way to do it? Many would say yes, but I disagree and you can check out why in my latest article on Dragon Door.

The Case for Curved Handstands

Curved handstand by Professor Paulinetti

Curved handstand by Professor Paulinetti

Ask any gymnast or circus performer about doing handstands and they’re likely to tell you that a straight handstand is the only way to do it. It’s the perfect form, and anything else is wrong.

I disagree! Let me tell you why.

Recently on this site was an article all about the straight handstand and the benefits of doing them in that manner. I don’t disagree with those points, but wanted to give a different opinion on why the curved handstand is a viable option as well.

Are Curved Handstands Dangerous?

First off, let’s talk about the claim that doing a curved handstand is going to hurt your back. Just like anything else, it can happen, but if you’re smart about it, they’re completely safe.

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