Damien Walters 2011

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This video was just released today. It features Damien Walters, one of the greatest acrobats and free runners alive today.

Want to see more? Check out these two videos as well.

Damien Walters 2010
Damien Walters 2009

To get to this level you’ll need lots of practice. Having a facility like his wouldn’t hurt either. And professional coaching would be best.

But to get you started I’d recommend this Tumbling book and Parkour Crash Course.


  1. Really spectacular, awesome… This guy is really a ‘superman’. Howard Gardner was in truth when he say that one of the 7 kinds of intelligence was the body-cinestesical. The skillfully to incorporate very complicated and coodinates patterns of movement, with fluency and elegance.

  2. Hi Damien,

    Thanks for sharing some CRAZY cool video! I started teaching at a Circus Arts School in Holland this year. I have 57 students ranging in the age of 17 -21 and a few late 20s. The school program is a B A in Circus Arts. The students have to learn ALL disciplines of Circus, Juggling, Trapeze, hand balancing, Partner Acrobatics, Aerial work, straps, trampoline, Chinese pole, etc. They are being trained to go into the fields of Circus arts as a career. I am always looking for information on how to best reach the students and helping them to understand how important it is on training the whole body not just the ‘specific’ movements that they use in their specialization. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

    Again thanks for the amazing video and I hope to hear from you sometime soon.

    Peace, Jesse

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  4. Totally awesome skills, incredible! 🙂
    (the “music” majorly sucks though… had to mute that one)

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