Dennis Rogers' Strongman Seminar

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Just flew into Texas. Here to learn from one of the strongest men in world. Dennis Rogers is putting on a seminar to teach the art and business of strongman.

He is labeled as pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world at the feats he performs. Having seen videos of many of his feats, this is no joke.

I’ve learned a great deal from Dennis already through his various videos but have yet to meet him in person or see him perform. In just a few hours that will change.

It was his DVD that got me first into ripping phonebooks in half. And since then, roughly two years ago, I added a number of other feats to my repertoire from card tearing to bending horseshoes.

But something tells me that all that won’t compare much to even this single weekend.

Of course I’ll be reporting to you from the front lines. Depending on how much time I have available, if any, to write to you and get setup online.

In any case you’ll get a full account after its over.

Here’s to an exciting weekend. Although you may not be doing anything so grand, you can still put together a few great workouts.

And if you’re feeling it, add in a few old-time strongman feats.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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