Don Powers and Catch Wrestling for Cops

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I had the pleasure of meeting Don Powers at the most recent Super Human Training Workshop. At the time he was just about finished with his new book, Catch Wrestling for Cops.

There I shot a quick interview with him as we discussed his background and what Catch Wrestling is.

In case you don’t know some of the best oldtime strongman were big catch wrestlers including Farmer Burns and George Hackenschmidt (although he preferred other styles).

You can pick up the new book Catch Wrestling for Cops here. It’s $5 off for a limited time.

Catch Wrestling For Cops


  1. Thanks Don and Logan for this interview! 🙂
    Really a different perspective!

  2. Very good interview Don and Logan.Several years ago attended a 3 day seminar in is awesome! Book arrived today ..will be pouring over it this weekend.Thanx,Darryl

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