Don’t Be Stupid

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I saw this video awhile back on Do not try this.

Certain professional hand balancers, like Inguar Anderson, have flirted with death by doing dangerous hand balancing stunts, for professional reasons. But it is not recommended for anyone to try to do the same.

When you see this guy doing a handstand, stumbling a few steps after his kickup, and falling down trying to press back up, you know he is not a professional. So trying to do a handstand a few feet or inches from a deadly drop is not a wise choice. Every once in awhile you’ll hear about someone who did a handstand on a building or something and fell to their death.

I do not recommend doing a handstand in any situation where if you fail you would hurt or kill yourself. If you’ve confident in your skills and have been practicing a long time you can up the intensity, but avoid doing something stupid like this.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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