Easy Hand Strength Workout

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When you get into grip and hand strength you tend to buy up a bunch of crazy tools and the more the merrier. At least that has been my experience and that of many of my friends.

But to build crazy grip strength you don’t need much.

My friend Adam Glass is one of the top Grip Athletes in the world. He’s going to be releasing a Brand New DVD on that missing component to many people’s training soon.

But first he’s giving away a few free videos.

Industrial Strength Grip Workout

This first one shows you four great exercises you can do to build strength in your forearms and fingertips and all you need is a 25 lb. plate.

Despite the face that I’ve been doing this for years, one of these exercises was new to me and I’ll be trying it out the next time I train in my gym.

And they’re all golden…

You have to sign up on this page, but it’s worth it.

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