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There is a lot more to getting strong then just hard work. I don’t want to downplay hard work though. Too many people think they are working hard when they are barely pushing themselves. Are you guilty of this? I have been in the past, for sure.

But today I want to talk about the technique side of strength. There has always been an emphasis on proper form in our society. Unfortunately, for some, their conception of proper form is skewed.

What does it mean to have proper form? Basically it boils down to two things.

1.  Doing the exercise is a safe manner.
2.  Doing the exercise in a productive manner.

Safety first. For obvious reasons this is important. Besides just keeping your health in mind, any injuries will take you away from future training time. If nothing else this should keep you doing things on the straight and narrow.

However, even if you do things properly there is still the risk of injury. Exercise is, by its nature, stressful. Some exercises are worse than others and some people are better suited for certain exercises over others. That is just how it is.

Besides strength training it is wise to balance your body with flexibility and mobility work so you can keep going in the long run. And find the exercises that give you the best results with the least damage.

You can do things safely but they must be done productively in order for you to get results. Can you stop every set just because you are not in a 100% biomechanically optimal position? No.

It is ok to splash some of the bathwater out, just don’t throw the baby out with it, if you catch my meaning.

With decent form you can be getting results from your training while staying healthy.

But technique goes beyond just the safe and the semi-productive. Often times a slight tweak in your form will allow you to surpass your previous bests with ease.

There is a reason coaching, in one form or another, is such a high-paid resource. A good coach can help you dramatically improve your form for safe and productive results.

You learn from those that know the technique (usually drilled in with years of experience and 1000’s of reps).

This Thursday I will be making a big announcement in these regards.

Grow Powerfully,
Logan Christopher

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