Feats of Strength Festivus

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There may be more interest in feats of strength from Festivus then from the actual feats of strength performed by oldtime strongmen.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this was a fake holiday invented in the sitcom Seinfeld.

Feats of Strength Festivus

There are a number of traditions in the Festivus holiday…

A Festivus celebration is certainly not complete without the “Feats of Strength”.

Frank: Alright, George. It’s time for the feats of strength.
George: No! No! Turn it off! No feats of strength!

The Feats of Strength will normally follow the Airing of Grievances. In Seinfeld, the actual Feats of Strength are never shown, but it is clearly stated that “Festivus is not over until the head of the household is wrestled to the floor and pinned”. Read the full article here.

For any followers of Festivus, if they want to expand what can be done during this portion of the even this website is a great place to start. You can learn how to bend horseshoes, tear phonebooks in half, or drive a nail through a board with your hands.

I wouldn’t recommend doing these after a holiday meal though. 🙁

Wrestling itself is a great way to train and get stronger, and could certainly be used as a feat of strength, not just for Festivus. And in case you’re challenged by the head of the household by practicing and getting stronger you can make sure you come out on top.

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