Feats of Strength on the Road

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Been traveling around the past week and a half. Nowadays it seems there is something that is always of staple of me doing that. And that is performing a few feats of strength for others.

I did a few here and there, but there was one night down in Huntington Beach where I did more than probably ever before.

Completed Feats of Strength

This is just a piece of the damage. In total I estimate I did 4 phonebooks, 4 decks of cards, 8 nails and 1 horseshoe in one night.

Bending the horseshoes is a relatively new one to me. Satisfying to finish but tough and painful to get there.

You see, my brother had spread my reputation around. Telling his roommates and friends how I could do these crazy feats of strength.

So when I was down there, of course I was expected to perform. Since I enjoy it there was no problem and I did more than expected.

Start working on the feats of strength and you too will earn that reputation.

It was good as I wasn’t following my normal training while on the road but I still got work on the feats. And these moves all require full body action and tension.

But be careful when performing. Going for a high volume can tend to be injurious if you don’t build up to it. And expect to have some soreness if you do too much, just like my hands are right now (especially the thumb pads).

It’s not for everybody but since you’re reading this I think you should give it a shot.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. My first real feat of strength was bending nails. If you want to get started this is the best resource available.

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