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Feats of Strength Updates 6

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This is the final update in this round for the Feats of Strength Index.

All new:
Thick Bars

Thick Barbell

Thick Bar Lifting

Short Bending
Long Bending
Chain Breaking
Finger Lifting
Hand Balancing

Every page has at least one video showing some form of the feat of strength.

(Except for one. I cannot find a good video of a two hands anyhow of anyone bent pressing a barbell and then picking up and pressing a kettlebell. If you or someone you know can do this with a decent or respectable amount of weight please shoot a video and let me know. If not I’ll have to practice it myself and do it.)

While I’m happy with the section for now it’ll be constantly evolving over time.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Andrew Durniat and David Whitley are two names that come to mind that could probably do this with substantial weight no problem.


    1. Author

      @Jedd: Good call. I’ll be meeting Andrew in a week and I’ll see if I can shoot a video of that.

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