Pushing and pulling on objects with your hands and feet is one thing, but doing it with your hair is quite another.

Though there may have been others before him, The Mighty Atom was the real pioneer in hair feats of strength. Besides pulling multiple vehicles many times, on two different occasions he held back an airplane from taking off by his hair.

Mighty Atom Hair Pulling Plane

Its not only tough hair, but even more important a strong neck and a high pain tolerance. Yes this stuff hurts.

In homage to The Mighty Atom, I’ve pulled many vehicles by my hair. My biggest and best is this 8,800 lb. antique firetruck.

Recently another man has step in with some astonishing feats of strength. His long red hair proves to be as strong as the rest of his giant stature. Meet Strongman Chris Rider as he lifts 300lbs. and bends a horseshoe all with his hair.

Chris has also broken a chain by using his hair. Stay on the lookout for this strongman. He’s a monster.

Obviously, these feats aren’t for everyone, and they have a requirement in order to try them, but it shows some of the possibilities, and can help to set you apart from the many bald strongmen out there. 🙂

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