The shows one of the possible leveraging feats that can be done with a sledgehammer. This one involves lowering the weight to the nose then pulling it back up. Always a crowd pleaser, because it involves the danger element. If you were to not have the strength, the hammer would come down hard. (Some do the same feat but with an axe to amplify this danger!)

Sledgehammer Leverage with 16 lb. Hammer

Sledgehammer Leverage with 16 lb. Hammer

And on video:

Other levering feats include raising the hammer from the ground to an upright position or just holding it out straight from the end in front of you or behind.

Sledgehammer Leverage Rear

All these moves involve the hand movements called ulnar and radial deviation. That is bending the hand from side to side, an oft neglected degree of movement and strengthening that is important for many feats like bending steel. In addition, you need a strong grip to hold onto the handle.

Slim ‘The Hammerman’ Farman is by far the strongest in all these moves, hence the nick-name. His records are likely never to be broken. Here’s a small clip of him in action.

In his setup for this, you can see he has developed unique methods of anchoring and state control around being the best performer ever at these feats.

Slim the Hammerman

These moves are very different from the swinging of a sledgehammer, like against a tire. While the latter is a great workout, it doesn’t make for a great show of strength. However, it is important to note that Slim developed much of his strength from actually breaking rocks with sledgehammers in a quarry for many years.

This can be done in a wide variety of different ways, and is used primarily for its conditioning effects, as is shown as exercise #2 in the following video:

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  1. si salve dove posso trovare questi cd in italia mi potete far sapere grazie

  2. What book should I buy that has exercises with the sledgehammer? my wrists are really weak and thin, so i need to improve them, any suggestion

  3. Thanks again, I will buy the book asap. Thanks for this website, I have learned a lot. This is the best website about strength…. Are clubbells, the same that clowns use in the circus?, excuse my ignorance 🙂

    1. Author

      @andres: Clubbells are quite heavy, and different from the indian clubs which are similar to the pins that clowns and others juggle in the circus.

  4. Hi again, what is your opinion about the machines they have in the gym, I dont see you do ,biceps dumbbell curls, leg extensions , a bench press or all that kind of exercise you do when you go to a gym (exception of dead-lifts)

    1. @andres: The lack of seeing any of the things you mentioned on the site should give you a big hint as too my opinion of most machines. Sure they have their place but there are so many better choices most of the time.

  5. Hello Mr Logan, is there any way to buy the book” 101 simple steps to radiant health in PDF format”?, I live in Colombia, South-america, so I find it complicated to have the book shipped to my address, plus the local postal service might take a lot of days to send it to my house.

    I am also grateful for all your pieces of good advice and this awesome website. I am lucky to live close to a metal-factory where they made kettlebells for a very good price and also they made the block weights and the bars, so I can do my training day by day with some of the tools you suggest.

    I also like your biography, I experienced something similar- a lot of money wasted in protein shakes that made me fat plus lost time doing exercises in the gym that added nothing to my well being and strength-. At the time I thought that without a protein shake it was impossible to grow or achieve strength- thanks to the adds in the muscle mags-

    If I had known about this website before……

    thanks again

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  7. I watched his video and immediately said “I can do that” then I read further. We have the same back ground. As a young man I spent many hours a day breaking rocks in the jaws for a rock quarry.

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