Two Hands Anyhow

The two hands anyhow is not just a certain lift as some people may believe. But it is getting two weights lifted overhead ‘any how’ you can.

Arthur SaxonA common variation is to bent press a weight and while bent over curl another weight to the shoulder then press it overhead. This is the manner that Arthur Saxon did his still standing record of 448 pounds. He put a barbell weighing 336 pounds up with his right arm then lifted a 112 pound ring weight with his other.

Other methods involved jerking the first weight overhead. But a kettlebell or ring weight was commonly used for the second place to make the lift slightly easier. Below you can watch Max Shank snatch a 135 lb. barbell into place. Then just for fun he lowers it and bent presses it back up, while lifting a 70 lb. kettlebell into place.

This is an excellent move to test yourself and see how much weight you can get overhead. But be careful with it and work into it slowly. You can be sure Arthur Saxon did thousands and thousands of reps in order to get to his level.

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