First 10 Minute Beast Snatch Test

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A few weeks ago I mentioned a new challenge I came up with, the Beast Snatch Test. Back then I did my first work towards it with a five minute version.

Last week I went the full ten minutes and managed to get 62 reps.

If you watch the video you’ll notice I used some strategy in this one besides just trying to go all out from the start. I did 3 reps every 30 seconds for the full time. On the last minute I did an extra 2 reps finishing with a little extra.

Although this wasn’t the toughest thing I ever did it was hard. You must maintain a good amount of explosiveness for the full time under fatigue. Plus stabilization at the top became a bit more challenging those last few minutes.

Moving up to 4 reps every 30 seconds and then 5 will be difficult. Not just because its more work, but that means there’ll also be less rest time. But that’s what I plan on doing, though I may go for 7 in a minute and 9 a minute as smaller progressive jumps between them.

By the way, everyone I’ve talked to loves this idea, but few say they’re going to try it. If you do be sure to let me know. I think Bud Jeffries is going to give it a go the next time he has access to a 48kg kettlebell. Of course, this is a tough test since the weight is large, so only do it if you can maintain safety while trying it.

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  1. Fucking awesome man! I agree with Frank over here to the FULLEST, Tremendous work indeed, Logan! But we BOTH know very well that this is ONLY the beginning of the BEGINNING when it comes down to the Ferocious BEAST 10 Minutes Snatch Test… Believe me, in 3-5 years from NOW you’ll be Obliterating and Owning the living shit out of this one! I truly believe that for the FULL 100%! But then again, it doesn’t truly matters what I believe or not… It’s about what YOU belief yourself. But I know that we both belief in the exact same thing over here… which is that you as well as ME, onviously… Once I’m completely healed & FULLY recovered that is) will DESTROY this Beast Snatch Test in the future… There’s NO other option or way whatsoever!

    That being said, I’de give this one a shot IF I wouldn’t be injured badly & severly, but you already know trhat shit… So I wont go into that stuff anymore…

    Damn good effort, that’s for sure! Awesome!

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