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Grip n Rip DVD’s Available Now

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Adam Glass has just released the DVD’s of his Grip and Rip Workshop. This includes:

Part 1 – Bio Feedback Programming (54 Minutes)
Part 2 – Fat Loss & Physique Transformation (29 Minutes)
Part 3 – Secrets of The Deadlift (31 Minutes)
Grip & Rip DVDsPart 4 – The Secrets Of Pressing (34 Minutes)
Part 5 – The Truth About Grip Training (13 Minutes)

All this for just $147.

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I’ve been applying these teachings to my own workouts. In fact, if you look on the site you’ll see a little twitter feed showing you everyone’s recent PR’s. If you watch long enough you’ll see me come up.

Unfortunately they only printed up 100 copies. I’m confident that these will sell out FAST which I think is unfortunate. And he’s saying that he has no plans to make more copies (which I think is stupid.)

But it is what it is, so if you want to get access to this information which promises to literally and completely transform your training you’re going to have to act quickly.

He’s even offering a 200% money back guarantee.

Now, this material may not be for everyone. But if you feel like its right for you then go for it. (You can even test the idea out.)

Click here for more information and to get your set now.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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