Guest Post at Ferocious Strength

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I recently wrote an article about Making Training Your Own over at Matti’s site Ferocious Strength.

Check it out.


  1. Thanks for promoting the Guest Article & my site as well Logan! Good stuff! I must say this though: This photo is freaking Epic! The Combined Deceptive Strength & Physical Culture Renaissance Skills in this photo is Incredible and at a very high level! Not everybody who sees this photo even realizes that!

    One last thing, you GOTTA work on your Angry face though! That way it will look even more dangerous for the outsiders who are watching… just saying! NEXT Year I expect a TRULY Angry face from you when we take another photo together like this!

      1. @Logan: Ok man, we’ll see next year! By then we BOTH need that Stone cold Killer look in our eyes & our faces as well! We need to do BEYOND Angry next year! Some next level stuff!

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