Hand Balancing Stands Pre-Production Offer

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The wood chips and sawdust flying. Loud noise as wood is sanded down and bolts are screwed in. A couple hours of work from buying the supplies to a finished product. Overall a successful rebuilding of the hand balancing stands.

Hand Balancing Stands

It’s not exactly done yet. There’s a couple changes that need to be made to the base but this is close to the final product in design and functionality.

The big improvement was in making the stands at changeable heights. Currently, there is 5” and 14” possibilities. It’s a snap to change between them too. And depending on what exercises you’re doing you can change it up.

I’ve been having lots of fun using them off-set to work on the one hand handstand. Keeping one low and one high instead of at the same height.

The blocks where your hands will rest are made of quality oak, sanded down to a smooth finish and with all the edges removes to permit maximum comfort.

Another big advantage is that these are highly portable. The stands can be disassembled to save room. This also means shipping is not expensive, even overseas.

Having figured out the cost of materials (which was unfortunately more than expected) and the time and effort that goes into making the stands I am now making them available on the site.

This is a pre-production offer. If you order now the stands will be manufactured and shipped out near the end of the month at the latest. Possibly sooner.

For that reason you can order now at a discount as the initial supply is made. They’re $80 if you order now in this one-time offer. If you wait to order until they’re in full production they’ll probably be closer to $100 per pair.

Along with every order will be a guide to using the stands for the best benefit. Even including how you can make more and different heights available.

If you were one of the many who were clamoring to get your hands on these stands (no pun intended) now is your chance. Click here.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. A few people expressed interest in a how-to-build-your-own guide. Those instructions may come along with the guide on how to use them and made available separately later on. But unless you have the tools necessary to do the job and the time to do it, this is the best and only deal you’ll find.

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