Handstand Bow and Arrow

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If you’re looking for a handstand bow and arrow there may be two things you’re looking for.

The first one is an amazing skill done by some acrobats where they shoot a bow and arrow at a target with their feet while in a handstand. This woman does it blindfolded too.

The second option which I only became aware of when looking for the first, is a pole dancing move known as the handstand bow and arrow. Don’t worry this is PG rated.

You can do the same skill without a pole, just using a wall instead. It could be used as a great way to improve your dynamic flexibility in the leg.

While the second skill isn’t as hard as the first, they’re both great handstand skills. Feel free to try them.


  1. thanks dude! Love your commitment to finding quality body movement. It’s inspiring

  2. That’s a pretty impressive selection of clips.. It’s great to see that you are open minded and easily inspired through a wide range of different sports and arts. Pole dancing can be considered as an art of hand balancing, as well as a means of improving strength and flexibility.


    I too am I pole dancer

    Keep up the great posts

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