Handstand Dance

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Do you want to learn how to handstand dance? This article and videos will show you how.

First we’ll start with a small section from Professor Orlick’s Walking and Jumping On Your Hands:

There are few things which go over better with the average audience than seeing someone dancing on his hands. Spectators invariably conclude that you must be terrific to be so good on your hands that you can not only stand, and walk, and run, but even dance on them. Yet dancing on your hands is not difficult, if you learn everything we have covered so far. In fact, you will already have done just about everything you will do when dancing.

The important thing now is to put it to music, or at least to a rhythmic beat. To start with, just turn on some dance music with a good strong beat to it, kick up into a handstand, and then try to move your hands in time with the beat.

Next, try taking little steps forwards, backwards, and sidewards, always keeping in time with the beat. Then, do some of the turns we covered above, but again do them in time with the music. By now you will actually be dancing on your hands, and even if you did little more than this it would still be enough to get a hand from any appreciative audience.

This video blends elements of dance with hand balancing and other acrobatics. You especially have to admire the flow from one move to the next.

Have you seen some great videos of handstand dances? If you do be sure to share them with me.

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