Handstand on South Pole

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There apparently is a big joke about doing a handstand on the South Pole. That if you go there and do a handstand that you are holding the world up.

If you go to the south pole and do a handstand are you holding up the earth? – Philosoraptor


Finally I like to see someone that has actually done it. So here you go a real south pole handstand.

South Pole Handstand

Chaz Firestone does a Handstand at the South Pole

(By the way you can tell he’s just about falling in an under balance. My guess is he’s not great at standing on his hands.)

So the answer is no you would not be holding the world up, but yet if you’re at the south pole go ahead and do a handstand anyway so you can tell people you’ve done it.


  1. You’re certainly right that I’m no pro at standing on my hands, but I think I at least did an OK job considering the circumstances (holding up the world and all…)

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