Handstands with Unsual Finger Positions

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This comes from Hand Balancing Made Easy. Before reading this book I knew of a few different handstand variations, but this book opened my eyes to so much more.

This variation is like a step between doing handstands with hands flat on the floor and doing a handstand on your fist.

Open Fist Handstand: To do this stunt go into an ordinary handstand and then hold. When you are in perfect balance tuck your fingers under. Your elbows should be kept straight and most of the balancing done in the shoulders. As the base has been reduced considerably a finer balance is required than with the ordinary handstand. This stunt can also be done by tucking your finders under into the open-fist position when you lean forward to place your hands on the floor.

handstand open fist

Look at the hand position.

It takes more balancing skill with the shoulders and body since you have less leverage with no fingertips, but it is much easier than the fist handstand where your base of support lessens by about half.

If you’re looking to improve your skills doing slightly different moves like this one, will help you dramatically. Get the book here for hundreds more exercises.

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