Having Fun, an Integral Piece of Training

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Something important in training is to do what you enjoy doing. You won’t make the same kind of progress you if you just go through the motions of a workout you dread, that’s if you train at all.

But when you love what you do you’ll never miss a day plus you’ll be training harder because you enjoy it.

That’s why a lot of the guys at the top of the game are at the top. The Olympic athletes that I’ve been watching late every night. The strongmen I’ve been showing you pictures of and will continue to show.

One of the things I’m best at is kettlebell juggling. People keep telling me how impressed they are with my skills (now if only it was an Olympic sport I’d be golden).

It’s a little surprising to me. For one thing it didn’t even take long to get as good as I am. And two, it didn’t take any real effort. No effort to toss around large weights?

Yes its true. Simply because I have fun doing it. I have fun testing my endurance and coming up with new stunts. While it may be physically demanding my mind is playing around like a kid.

Not everyone wants to throw kettlebells around. Not everyone wants to even use kettlebells. Its a highly personal thing.

But if you are interested my new DVD set covering everything kettlebell juggling has just been released. Go check it out.

Whether you lift barbells or just your bodyweight, you have horseshoes bent across your neck or swim laps in the pool, toss around heavy weights or just swing them is your choice.

Whatever you choose, make sure its something you enjoy, then push yourself and the levels of what’s possible.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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