How to do Hill Sprints

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I woke up this morning, laced up my shoes and set out on a jog. No I wasn’t preparing to run several miles today (sorry I find that boring) but I was heading to a nearby hill.

And at the hill the jog turned into an all out sprint.

After several times walking down and sprinting back up I jogged home. Took much longer this time because I was fatigued.

The hill may have won this time, but soon I’ll be dominating. I’ve just added hill sprints back into my routine and every time I come back to this exercise I’m reminded of how much I love it.

Find out all the reason why and how I do it in this new article on hill sprints.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I lay out exactly how I train with hill sprints. Follow the plan and you’ll get all the benefits (and there’s plenty of them).


  1. Hi, Chris. I live in Ukraine and I like kettlebell sprot for its dynamics and for making me fun, I get real pleasure exercising. For some time I used to sprint with truck tyre like this: I just connected it to my waist and run five sets of 100 meters. The best thing I noticed is that my stamina improved very quickly (after about one month) this resulted in my exercising of Muay Thai, fighting for 3-4 rounds of 4 minutes became much easier. Thanks for your blog, read you with pleasure.

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