How to Get Started in Card Tearing

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One common question I get when people see me doing feats of strength like tearing a phonebook or deck of cards in half is how do you get started?

When people get exposed to these feats enough, and have been training regularly, they figure they might as well give it a try.

If that describes you I’ve got a new article that gives you a few tips on how to get started in feats of strength.

On a similar note, if you’re interested in card tearing (one of the three recommended starter feats) listen up.

Until recently you couldn’t find any quality instruction on how to do this feat. Unless you knew someone who could teach you (as if there are that many people who can do this feat on the planet!) you were basically left up to your own devices.

The greatest card tearer in the world, Dennis Rogers, made a video on how to do it but it was only available for his coaching members. And, unfortunately, you can no longer get it.

But now Diesel Crew is on the job. If you’ve read their Bending ebook you know the quality and depth of the information. That book is probably more responsible for getting people bending steel than anything else.

And they just released a new ebook on Card Tearing.

Having learned from Dennis Rogers himself I didn’t know if I’d learn anything new from this book. Boy was I wrong.

This is a jam packed manual that’ll give you all the details on card tearing you could possibly want. Different techniques for tearing, tons of methods of progression, supplementary exercises, and much more.

Before you head over to the page to get your copy I want you to know I never recommend something I don’t personally use and endorse. Get the Card Tearing ebook.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you want to learn how to tear cards you need plenty of cards to practice on. (Besides the two techniques for practicing ripping cards without cards on pages 106-108 in the ebook.)

When you order and forward me your receipt I’ll share with you an extra technique as well as my top places to get cards for cheap. Get the Card Tearing ebook!

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