How to Practice Handstands

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Lately I’ve been having lots of fun in my hand balancing practice by working on many skills. The guide I’m using is Hand Balancing Made Easy by Professor Orlick. What I’ve done is to use the book as my training journal and write how I’m doing, reps or timed holds, next to each exercise as it’s described there. In my opinion this is probably the best method on how to practice handstands.

By doing this you’ll continually increase and develop your skills. Plus there are enough exercises in Hand Balancing Made Easy from beginner pre-handstand skills to super advanced tricks to keep you occupied for years.

You can see that the video starts off with a tuck handstand which is a beginner skill in learning how to do straight arm pressing movements.

This same method can be applied to any book, or even just a list of skills. Try it with Orlick’s other books too for practicing handstands and any hand balancing movements.

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  1. I completely agree Logan, I’ve been doing this since I bought the Handbalancing Mastery Course and I’ve made some great progress.

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