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Today starts the Russian Kettlebell Certification in San Jose, California. This will be my third time as an Assistant Instructor at the course and I’m excited as ever.

It’s not just that I get to see some people I haven’t seen in awhile and am surrounded by a bunch of like-minded individuals. Not even the fact that I have a blast doing the whole thing.

The biggest reason for my excitement is I get to teach people about kettlebells and training.

And if you want to learn something the best way to do it is to teach it.

I was watching videos of a seminar on an unrelated matter the other day. One of the presenters talked about going out to teach something as soon as he had learned it from reading a book.

Now some people might think this is bad. They’re thinking you can’t possibly teach something if you haven’t been studying for half your lifetime! And I’m certainly not condoning you teach people bad or incorrect things.

But when you seek to teach someone you have to be clear on what you have to do. You have to be able to make it clear to them.

You’ll also bring out any weak points you have. If they ask a question you can’t answer you’ll surely go out and find that answer as soon as you can.

By showing others you get better yourself. If you really want to get something, after you read a how-to book, watch an instructional video or attend a seminar, seek out someone you can teach the material to right away. You’ll retain and use the information that much better.

Every time I’ve gone through this event I’ve gained from it. I’m not just talking about a little refresher but much more than that. You can always get better and refine your technique further.

Not to mention many of the instructors are a wealth of knowledge on other related topics.

I’m going to try to take some video from the three days of training. Get you some insider info. We will see how it goes.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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