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Just finished up at the RKC yesterday. And what a time it was!

Here’s a video with a few shots from the workouts as well as myself playing around during breaks. I even hit a new PR at 88 lbs. with the one leg squat.


The more I go to these events the more I learn. There is a huge emphasis on technique. After all, with only six exercises taught over three days you have to go pretty deep into them.

Even after you’ve done thousands of reps yourself and taught others how to do it, there is still room for improvement. One big idea taught was to ‘go an inch wide and a mile deep with your training.’

Just one small technique I learned for pressing, applying downward pressure with the other hand, is sure to be a big help in the future. And a big thanks to my Team Leader, Mark Toomey for teaching it to me.

Its amazing the transformation the attendees go through. Some come in with pretty decent technique. Others not so much. But by everyone is doing much better.

Going back to the press it was amazing to see how many hands raised when Pavel asked who hit a new PR in the exercise after working on the tension techniques. Proper technique is not only safer but it’ll allow you to do lift more and for longer.

I highly recommend going through the course even if you don’t plan on training other people. At the very least find a good trainer to help you out.

If you want to sign up for an upcoming kettlebell certification click here.

Its money well spent. Unfortunately, I won’t be at every single one, but the caliber of teachers there is always very high.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Go sign-up for an upcoming RKC here

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