Progressing through Plateaus

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Last night I held a closed doors tele-seminar for my Strength Mastermind members. The topic of the call was progression.

When you understand progression and how it works your workouts will never be just an act of spinning your wheels.

You will always be moving forward. Combining the concepts of progression along with setting training goals and you’ll not only progress but quickly.

There are times when you want to train just for the sake of it. To have some fun. But for the most part training is a means to an end. A way to get stronger, faster, bigger, or smaller. And once you reach that goal you set a new one.

I covered everything I could think of on the call but I’ll share with you one tip here.

There are many ways to train progressively, the two most common being increasing intensity and volume, which come in a number of varieties themselves.

If you ever feel yourself getting stuck, you don’t have to abandon your entire program. Usually all it takes is to change up one of these factors.

If you’ve been doing low reps start doing a higher rep range. If you’ve been doing a single set of an exercise, switch to three or five sets. After you’ve followed this new progression for awhile you can switch back and see how much better you do.

Many people think that you have to change up what you do every six weeks. Sure at the elite levels, periodization definitely has value, but for the average trainee you can stick with a similar plan for a much longer time.

These small changes are all that you need to keep progressing for a long time.

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