How to Increase Your Vertical Jump Using Two Tools

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What’s the best way to increase your vertical jump?

It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t worked to increase my vertical jump specifically, but it’s something that just happened over the years. The one thing that has increased my vertical jump the most is kettlebell training, more specifically the kettlebell swing.

Kettlebells Training for Vertical Jumps

The starting position of this movement is exactly what you’d be doing if you were to jump vertically. This aggressive hip snap is what allows you to jump high and training with kettlebells is really going to translate over. A two-hand kettlebell swing done in that aggressive style is practically the same movement as jumping.

Unfortunately, most people haven’t really used that movement pattern of a kettlebell swing and consequently missed the benefits of it. You can surely just work on regular vertical jumps and improve them that way, but combining those with kettlebell swings will definitely give you an edge and allow faster progression.

The Portable Power Jumper

There is one more thing which works really well for improving your vertical jumps. It’s called the Portable Power Jumper and it’s manufactured by Lifeline USA. These cables can be used for many bodyweight workouts, but they are primarily meant to add resistance for jumping. Jon Hinds helped a lot of people to increase their vertical jumps mostly using this type of training. Simply wrap the Portable Power Jumper around your feet and neck, and jump as you would do with regular vertical bodyweight jumps. With added resistance, you’ll be able to increase the height of your vertical jump, but it can also be used for other types of agility and jump training which really makes it an exceptional tool.

Although there are many paths you can take to improve your vertical jumps, these two methods are proven to work and if you combine aggressive style kettlebell swings and vertical jumps with added resistance using the Portable Power Jumper, you’ll reach your goals faster than you think.

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