Industrial Strength Grip

Industrial Strength Grip

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Today is the day.

I’ve mentioned it several times, Adam Glass is releasing Industrial Strength Grip today.

Industrial Strength Grip

Click to check out the full details here.

I was happy to get an advanced copy to watch before this. Let me explain a bit about it.

For people that have been training grip for a long time much of the information may be review for you. Still even though I’ve been doing this for years I picked up a few things, especially on gripper training, which has not been my specialty.

If you’re new to training your hands then I would say this DVD is the very best place to start. While there is plenty of other grip training information out there, nothing gives you the foundation this DVD will, covering the different forms of grip training and how to put them all together.

You’ll learn over 30 exercises many of which you can likely do with equipment you already have. I used one of these yesterday and will definitely be coming back to it.

Get Industrial Strength Grip Here.

It also features the Biofeedback Training protocol and how to apply it to grip strength.

My Bonus For You

I’m offering a bonus for anyone that orders it today through the link here. (I get a commission when you buy, hence me giving you something on top of the already great value. But know that I wouldn‘t recommend anything I didn‘t believe in just to make some money). After you’ve ordered send me a copy of your receipt and I’ll give you access.

It’ll be a video that shows you a new approach to goal setting and prioritizing your training. This works especially well with the biofeedback training to ensure your training is better focused and going the direction you want.

I haven’t shot the video yet but I did the steps myself and my workouts have gotten even better in a short amount of time. I’ll be showing you how to apply it to grip as well as the rest of your body in training.

The progress you make is largely based on the goals you have. This is part of the top secret stuff I’ve been working on recently. You’ll get a taste of it before 2011 even rolls around.

Get Industrial Strength Grip + my bonus video “Prioritizing Your Goals with Biofeedback”

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