Insane Double Kettlebell Juggling

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Yesterday I was filming one of the more advanced modules in The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0. These are some of the moves I taught there. Please do not try these unless you’ve spent years practicing kettlebell juggling already. The chance for injury is high.

Each kettlebell is 16kg or 35 lbs.

The first move shown is the Double Double. This is double reverse flips with both kettlebells repeated for a number of reps.

After that is Double Trouble. This is a flip to bottoms up catch with two kettlebells at once.

Lastly is a move I just pulled off for the first time ever. I wasn’t even sure I could do it. It is an overhead flip done with both kettlebells.

You’ll note that I do not have a great position, as most would argue, in catching any of these kettlebells. But to me that’s some of the beauty of kettlebell juggling. Overall, it was a very fun session.

To learn how to build up to these moves with over 6 hours of video training footage check out my course here.


  1. Hell of a feat Logan, one of the rare if there ever was one. That’s pretty damn good. Way to go.

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