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Last week I put out a short survey regarding what you do. Well, the results are in and I thought it would be best to share them all with you, along with my comments about the appropriate areas.

Before we dive into the results you have to understand that this is a skewed population. The results are only from Legendary Strength subscribers, which I’m proud to say do NOT reflect the average population. If this was done with “average people” the results would be much different.


This one is just a little bit over 50% in favor of the morning routine. Not surprising to me. For me, the idea of a morning routine is simple yet hugely effective. If the first thing you do in your day is start moving you setup the day to run better. By getting your body feeling great in the morning, everything else seems easier.

Of course depending on your work schedule or other factors, this may not always be available to you. But I would work to make it a part of your regular routine. By consistently doing something you can get even greater results than occasional work in many things.


Over 80% warmup before training. Now what those warmups look like, I didn’t ask. Here you can see conventional wisdom largely in action. And a warmup usually is a good idea. By getting your body moving and literally “warmed-up”, that is increasing its temperature, it is said you’ll lessen the risk of injuries. Certainly jumping into heavy weights is against common sense.

On the flip side I think there are benefits in not always warming up. I like my body to be able to react with speed and power out of nothing, and thus its good to train that way, at least some times. A humorous example of this is when two men were attacked by a bear. One just started sprinting for his life. The other had to warmup and stretch his hamstrings first…


Mobility work has become hugely popular (at least in the underground, or serious trainee) in the past few years. Here you’ll see that reflected with over 70% doing some form of it. Mobility is moving the body, specifically the joints in full ranges of motions.

I did mobility training for a few years and I saw my performance increase. Then I stopped completely for another couple years, and my performance kept on increasing. Just recently, this year, I started doing more mobility, but in ways that no one else is doing and I’m finding some very interesting things. More on that later…


Almost two thirds of people regularly work on their flexibility. Doing the stuff I do, hand balancing and acrobatics, its an obvious need. But how much does the average person really need? The truth is probably not much, though I would say the majority of people, at least in the USA, are lacking in even a good base of flexibility. The other day I was talking to a older man, a chiropractor, and he was saying that the most important thing when growing older was what? You guessed it…flexibility.

Certainly not everyone needs to be able to do the splits. But a solid base of flexibility (which should be progressive in most applications) is a necessity for health and longevity. And the truth is it doesn’t take much time nor effort to do this, especially if you’re working more on maintenance.


Finally we get to one area where it is under 50% of this special population. And it makes sense. There’s still lots of people that don’t believe in energy! Even though it can easily be felt and there is compelling scientific research for it, if you’re actually willing to look at the data.

Even then, its wrapped in the mystical and the “woo-woo” which can be off-putting to many people. I really like a specific form of energy work that I can show you the results with and doesn’t take years to master, nor require you to “open your heart and let the angels/spirits/ancestors/etc. guide you”.

That being said, I think this is a HUGE component that many people are lacking, that would allow them to achieve even greater levels of health and performance. I know because I’ve seen in happen for myself as well as many others.


Wow. Like I said. This survey went out to people not in the average. I’d be afraid to even look at what the results would be there. But here we have an average of almost 7. Still, that means there is room for improvement.

There’s even 11 people saying they’re consistently feeling as good as they possibly can, with a rating of 10. My guess is that they’re already do much if not all of the above.

The way I see it is there is always room for improvement. Even if you say you’re feeling a ten now, that may just be on your current scale, and there’s a possibility you can be opened up into even more. And if you recognize you’re not at the top, there is good news, it is within your power to change.

In the coming days I’ll be sharing more on these topics. Please leave any comments or questions below. Also feel free to share some of the details of what you do along these lines.


  1. Interesting results.
    I wasn’t quite sure how to answer the warm up question. I put yes, but the only warm up I do is a lighter/easier version of my main work out

    1. Author

      Yeah, like I mentioned warmups can be all kinds of different things. Easier versions of exercises is often what I do.

  2. Exactly. I put my energy level at less than 10 because I know I am not at my best yet.
    I am much better than most people but most people are not much to compare to.

    1. Author

      I’d probably rate myself at a 9, but not a 10, just cause I know it could be even better.

  3. I don’t understand stretching, so I never do it. Everyone needs to be flexible, and seniors need it by the shovel load but how much do you need? I would say enough to get down onto the floor and stand up again.

    I like mobility and spend a good amount of time on it.

    I am doing a Qi kung course at the moment. I think it is pretty good.

    All the best.

    1. Author

      The same thing could be said with strength though. Everyone needs it, but how much do you actually need? Enough to get by in your average day for most people is pretty much nothing.

  4. hi guys,

    I would like to say that the reason some guys on here are NOT feeling great on a daily basis is ’cause they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing, careerwise. Let’s face it; for most men career is an important part of who they ARE.

    virtually all the personal trainers i’ve met who liked their job had an energy rating(rated by me) of between 8 and 10. nothing less.

    my 2 cents.

    ps. I’m in the below 7 category.

    1. Author

      Absolutely agree with you here. What you spend you days doing (something you love vs. something you hate vs. something you just don’t care about) will have a huge impact on your vitality and health in the long run.

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