Intuition Bends Wrenches

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The other day I had some time to kill. I had already gone through all my email so I did something I don’t often do…I looked at Instagram.

And I’m happy that I did as I saw the following picture and post from Chris Rider.

If you don’t know Chris Rider he’s one of the most successful (and freakishly strong!) performing strongman today.

Years back him and I and a veritable who’s who of strongmen got hands on training from the Grandmaster himself, Dennis Rogers.

Anyway, check out what Chris did and wrote…

bent wrench

I’ve had this bend on my mind for years. I have gone after it multiple times only to have the tempered steel wrench violently snap just before completion. After tending to the lawn this evening I had an extremely vivid sensation of holding the S bent wrench in hand, I could feel it! I could see it! I followed my passion & intuition for success and put it into practice immediately! After several minutes it was physically tangible! Are there limits, or is there simply only the unknown. Strive to be limitless and explore your potential, it is an incredible journey of personal development and self discovery!

You can find more from Chris Rider at and follow him on Instagram @hairculese

I highly suggest you click over there and check our what Chris is doing to coins. It’s mind blowing!

Of course, the feats are incredible.

But perhaps even more incredible is how this occurred.

I talk about this as Level 4 of intuitive training.

Chris felt it…

Chris saw it…

In his mind-body system…

…and then he made it happen in reality.

If you wish to be strong, this is what you want.

I’ve had similar things happen for me in huge PR’s, deadlifting over 500 lbs., in bending steel and in many other circumstances.

Few people talk about training as a means to tap into or build your intuition, but if you do it right you can.

(Unfortunately, the VAST majority of people actually do training in ways that shut it down.)

I lay out a roadmap in how to do this in my Beyond Biofeedback: The 4 Levels of Intuitive Training program.

I do not sell this program but you can get this program for free in your 4 month of the Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle membership. Since I see this idea as foundational I give it away here.

Don’t let Level 4 scare you. Step-by-step through levels 1, 2 and 3 you can get there.

Whether you use that ability to bend wrenches is up to you 😉

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