Kettlebell Exercises for Back

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This article will show you a number of kettlebell exercises for back development. First of all, I must say I don’t really think in terms of body parts when it comes to working out. The truth is most of these exercises work much more, like the legs and arms, along with the back.

Also ask yourself if this is to strengthen your back or make it bigger. If size is your thing you’d be better off in many ways with barbell exercises.

Here is a video of someone showing you their version of a kettlebell back workout.

Kettlebell Exercises for Back

I won’t even comment on the form on some of these exercises. That would take an article of itself. But the kettlebell exercise selection isn’t all that bad. My comments on each one.

Swings – Depending on how you swing there will be some lat involvement and/or lower back. Once again this really depends if you go with a more girevoy sport or hardstyle swing. Either way when most people are trying to work their back they’re thinking upper back, and this is not the best exercise for that.

Kettlebell Snatch – This is a great exercise for the back. If you do more of a high pull style, rather then swing style, you’ll work the traps a lot more. The whole scapular region is put into action. Of course it also works the hands, arms, hips and legs.

High Pull – I don’t use this as an exercise. Just snatch instead.

Cleans – Again I usually don’t use this as an exercise with the kettlebells. Use a barbell instead.

Lat Pull Over – I haven’t done this one in years, but it is a good exercise. Typically used with Breathing Squats to help expand the rib cage (supposedly). This does target the lats directly.

One Arm Row – Now this is one of the best back exercises with a kettlebell. The variation here is known as the Renegade Row, and works your core and chest as well to stabilize the body. Alternatively you can just post your elbow on a knee and row with the other arm. For really strong guys eventually kettlebells will be too light in this position so it’s time to grab heavier dumbbells, two kettlebells in one hand, or doing barbell rows instead.

Another great bodyweight exercise is the common pullup or chinnup. Of course you can hang the kettlebell by a belt or your foot to add weight to it.

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