How to do a Handstand Against the Wall

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In this article I’ll be showing you the most beginner stage of hand balancing, that is how to do a handstand against the wall. While most of this site is devoted to getting out in the open for freestanding handstands, there are many people that can’t yet do this simple stunt. And that’s okay. You have to start where you are and that’s what you’ll learn here.

There are a number of things you must focus on when doing this. The first and foremost is getting into position. Doing a kick-up is by far this easiest way to do that.

This older video of mine shows focuses on the kick-up and how to do it to get into a handstand against the wall.

How to do a Handstand Against the Wall

The next important part is holding the handstand position. There are a number of important points here.

  • Keep the arms locked out. This places the stress on your bone structure rather then relying on muscle, which would occur with any bend in the arms.
  • Shrug the shoulders up to the ears.
  • Keep the legs together and toes pointed. This isn’t just for aesthetics. When you move further into balancing, having your legs tight really helps, so get in the habit now.
  • The back can be arched or kept straight. Both versions are legitimate handstands, they just have some differences in them.
  • Your head can be looking down at the ground or through the arms and looking opposite the wall.

When practicing first get comfortable with kicking up. You’ll need to increase or decrease the amount of force you use. Once you are good at that you can begin to hold the handstand position for time. And to progress you’ll continue to add more and more time.

Eventually when this is easy, you can begin working on balancing in the handstand.

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