Kettlebell Juggling Ranking Revisited

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Earlier this week I talked about how paying attention in movement supports and grows your brain.

I think there may be fewer great examples of this than kettlebell juggling! This is something I’ve done on and off over the years and am just getting back too recently.

This started out with working on some never-done-before moves, such as Position Kettlebell Juggling

But I’ve also decided to revisit my Kettlebell Juggling Ranking System

One of the difficulties with kettlebell juggling is making sure it is progressive, the keystone of any kind of training.

That’s why, years back, I decided to put some structure to this free-flowing activity and created the ranking system. There are 20 progressively more difficult levels to attain. You can work through these all with a light weight, and then start increasing the weight.

With kettlebells, if you want to master snatches and jerks, you can compete and become a Master of Sport. (This is one of the craziest mental toughness forms of training I’ve done. To attain that level is elite and will take years of dedicated training.)

In developing this kettlebell juggling ranking system I figured we could go for an equivalent goal. (Though this one is much less mental toughness, much more fun!)

Since I haven’t been doing kettlebell juggling I haven’t talked about it much.

But you can find the full thing here.

Submit your videos and you’ll get you too can get your name on the list.

As mentioned, I’ve been revisiting this and checked off a few new levels for myself with the 24kg kettlebell. You can see these in action here.

Level 14 with 24kg/53lb kettlebell. Over the Shoulder Flip x 20 Alternating

Level 15 with 24kg/53lb kettlebell. Under Body Flip (AKA Dribbling Basketball) x 20 Alternating

Level 17, Bottoms Up Snatch Flip Out (AKA Tower of Terror) x 5, High Pull Bell Snatch Flip Out x 5, All 10 with Left, then All 10 with Right

While you can pick up the entire Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0 course here, I’ve also got a free video series that will get your started you can sign up for here.

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