Kettlebell Juggling Website is Live

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There’s a whole new website up. This one’s all about kettlebell juggling.

As you may know I think kettlebell juggling is one of the most fun ways to get stronger and better conditioned. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years.

The site is at Nice name, eh?

But all the action is going to be happening at the kettlebell juggling blog.

You’ll notice that there’s another place to sign up for email updates. This one is separate from the emails I’ll be sending from

You can sign up to get notified of every new post which will probably be once or twice a week, not as often as on this list. If your interested in kettlebell juggling or just want to see more awesome videos be sure to sign up. There’ll be more showy videos as well as videos that teach the techniques.

And let me know if you like the video. Post your comments on the kettlebell juggling blog.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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