How to Hold a Handstand

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A few things to cover today. First a questions from Brian.

“my handstand stays in air for less than 3 seconds. at times i do better and most times i do worse. i tried the wall to gain back strength but i never seem to get better. Its been 3 months that way. im not quiting so any suggestions will be appreciated.”

There’s a new article up on the site complete with a video that covers the most basic techniques on how to do a handstand.

Hopefully something on that page will help you. But without seeing your handstand or having a more descriptive question I can’t do much more.

If you want and have the means you can post a video on youtube or somewhere else on the internet. If you provide me a link I’ll take a look and give you feedback. Just send me a link to the video and any specific questions you have.

Lastly, you’ve got less that one day to get any of the new Prof. Orlick ebooks or the Hand Balancing Mastery Course for the current price. Tomorrow morning the price will go up. Get them now.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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