Having Fun with your Strength Training

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Are you having fun with your strength training? That’s an important question to ask yourself.

If you actually enjoy the process of training hard, however that may be, you’re bound to have bigger gains. As opposed to just going through the motions because you want to get in shape.

It amazes me that many people don’t workout in some shape or manner when I have so much fun doing it.

In fact, I’d do more but I can’t because of that little thing called overtraining. Since I can only put in so much time on any given day, you can bet I’ll be making the most of it. How about you?

The sad thing is too many people think getting in shape means running on a treadmill. If I thought that’s what it took than, yeah, I’d hate it too and wouldn’t do it!

But the kind of training you and I do. Now that’s some fun stuff.

I’m talking about heavy weightlifting, odd objects, bending steel, crazy bodyweight exercises, kettlebell juggling, doing handstands, in general pushing the limits every which way.

Here’s the thing. You may not like doing one thing. That’s fine because there’s hundreds of ways you can get in awesome shape.

Don’t like weights? Not a problem you can use bodyweight exercises or cables. Love to lift kettlebells and nothing else. Do that than.

This is a call to enjoy yourself when you get to train. That’s right, ‘get to.’

Not have to workout. No I’ve got to do this. You get to.

Make the most of it.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. A prime example is juggling kettlebells. I launched the new site the other day but there was problems with the signup process. It’s fixed now. If there ever was a time I couldn’t keep having fun training because I was too tired this is it.


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