Three Man Hand Balancing Stunt

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Got another picture from Stu Goldberg of a three man hand balancing stunt.

That’s him on the top. He’s been teaching me a few things especially on the one hand handstand, some things I’ll share with you later on. But for now let’s cover some handstand basics.

His comments on this handstand. Before you read them you’ll want to take a good look at it. In your opinion is this a good handstand? And what makes it so? You can learn a lot just from studying the position.

Stu Goldberg Hand Balancing Stunt

He’s is in what he refers to as a “High School Arch”. That is a slight arch but nothing excessive.

You can see that the legs are tightly held together. Certainly when you’re 8-10 feet off the ground you don’t want to overbalance because of loose legs.

Most importantly you’ll want to pay attention to the shoulder position. Notice how they are stretched out. Not only that but the arms are straight up and down, no leaning forward and back.

This is the position you want. Strive for this and holding a handstand will be a snap.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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