Do You Have Any Of These Limiting Training Beliefs?

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Here’s a list, in no particular order, of some beliefs that could hold you back in a variety of ways.

  • I’m don’t have the motivation to workout
  • Only beginners make fast progress
  • I don’t have great genetics
  • I’m too old to do a handstand
  • It’s not possible for me to become super strong
  • Bodyweight training is the only functional way to train
  • X method is the best way to train
  • Isometrics are useless
  • Strength is the most important quality to go for
  • You can only workout 3 times a week
  • The bench press is the best qualifier of strength
  • If I don’t give 100% I don’t get gains
  • If I don’t eat enough protein I’ll waste away
  • Singles are the best way to gain strength
  • Doing more than five reps is useless for strength
  • Training to failure is the most effective way to train
  • Training to failure is training to fail
  • After awhile in training you always hit a plateau
  • Heavy weight lifting hurts joints
  • X diet is the best way to eat
  • I’m a hard gainer
  • I can’t put on muscle
  • I can’t get rid of this fat
  • I’m too lazy to workout regularly
  • I pack on a few extra pounds during the holidays
  • Doing X is impossible
  • I need to stretch every day
  • I need to foam roll to perform well
  • I need to do mobility work to perform well
  • You can’t train the same body part consecutive days
  • Muscles take 48 hours to recover
  • I don’t have the time to train
  • You have to get your strength work and cardio in
  • It is impossible to become fit in 30 minutes a week
Fancy equipment is necessary to get fit.

Fancy equipment is necessary to get fit.

Now in some cases these can be empowering to some degree but limiting in others. Some are certainly more limiting than others as well.

This list is merely to get your brain thinking about what may be limiting you.

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Got some of your own, or ones you’ve seen other people have, or that you used to have that you’d like to share? Enter them in the comments below.


  1. “It’s not possible for me to become super strong” Is the one I hear the most from your list. Usually for a skill that is low on the totem pole… Like L-seats or pressing their bodyweight overhead. Kind of bums me out when I hear people say that they can never be that “strong”.

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