Listening To Your Body – Whispers and Screams

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Recently, I recorded a fun interview with the Iron Tamer David Whitley for my Health Sovereign podcast. That’ll be out in April and I’ll let you know when it is.

But he said something that was amazing and I wanted to share with you today.

It’s on the topic of listening to your body. Dave said:

“When you learn to listen to your body’s whispers, you’ll never have to hear it scream.”

This is a beautiful analogy!

What does “listening” to your body really mean?

It is a bit of a misnomer in that your auditory (aka hearing) channels are not used. Instead, it is all about FEELING, aka physical sensations in your body.

But with this analogy of listening, we can talk about whispers and screams.

What are screams? Pain! Pain is a big signal that is hard to ignore. Yes, some people get used to chronic pain they have for a long time but it can be ever-present. And pain of an injury, of a snap, a pull, whatever, is immediate and “loud”. This very much can be likened to screaming because of the intensity of it.

What are whispers? Sensations. Here the “volume” is very much turned down. So much so that most people don’t ever “hear” them at all. These are the qualities of movement like fluid vs. clunky, fast vs. slow that can clue you in to how any movement feels to your body. Because the intensity is so low most people don’t even notice them.

David also shared a different lens of how he’s felt the signals, beyond physical sensations, that I’ve started playing with and will have more to report on soon.

Let’s look at that quote one more time.

“When you learn to listen to your body’s whispers, you’ll never have to hear it scream.”

By learning to “listen,” and feel the smaller signals in movement, you can avoid pain.

But it doesn’t just stop there either. Those whispers happen to also be the pathway out of pain in the first place.

I am free of pain. I am free of disease. I’m not saying this to brag but to point out that it is a sad state of affairs that so few people are in this same place.

One of the big tricks to being so is to become a “body whisperer.”

And the fact is that your doctor or your personal trainer can not do it for you. It’s an impossibility for anyone else to do it for you. (Except genuine psychics I suppose, but that’s a whole other discussion…)

Want to learn to decipher the whispers?

My 6 module Intuitive Mobility course is the best route to get there in my opinion. That intuitive quality and fixing injuries aren’t covered until modules 5 and 6, but that’s because these whispers are very hard to learn after a lifetime of telling them to shut up (aka most forms of training). Did I mention that most training specifically tells the whispers to go away?

For that reason, there’s some groundwork you have to lay first. That’s why I lay out a week-by-week training plan to get you there.

It’s one of my most in-depth courses. Not only will it show you how to move well but learn the language of body whispers too. Check it out here.

I guarantee you that this language is one worth learning.

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