Longevity Now Conference

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Weekends come and weekends go…

But some weekends have the power to change the destiny of our lives forever.

The weekend of September 24th – 26th 2010 will be one of the most incredible weekends of MY life.

How do I know?

Because I will be attending The Longevity Now Conference in Costa Mesa, CA.

Will you join me?

If you’ve been around the site for a while you may remember when I came back from the prior event in March. Let me tell you this really is the cream of the crop when it comes to health and longevity information.

In fact, it’s the only seminar in the world where every one of the 800 participants will be “grounded” (utilizing a powerful, proprietary technology) throughout the entire event.

In addition, everyone will receive a complimentary $40 Earthing Kit so they will experience the healing effects of being grounded even while in their hotel room.

I’ve been sleeping, working and playing grounded for months now and will never go back. If you’re new to ‘grounding’ be sure to check out this report I put together showing some of the research.

The sheer amount of helpful health information I came back with last time was amazing. This grounding technology only scratches the surface yet its one of the most powerful things you can do for you health.

There will be over $10,000 in prizes given out throughout the event as well…

And a world-class Longevity Tonic Bar where you will be able to enjoy some of the most powerful, delicious healing drinks not available anyplace else. While you may get sticker shock at a $20 smoothie, let me tell you…It’s worth every penny! These drinks will get you high in a completely natural and healthy way. They’re that powerful.

The organizers of this event work tirelessly with all the presenters for over SIX MONTHS to make sure all the information shared is the latest, cutting-edge knowledge in the field of longevity technologies and super-nutrition.

Here are some of the experts you will meet at the event:

=> David Wolfe
=> Bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD
=> Bestselling author John Robbins
=> Bestselling author Donna Gates
=> Dr. Mark Merriman, MD
=> Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD
=> Daniel Vitalis

And many more!

The last event was unbelievable. Yet I have a feeling this one will be even better. I’m stoked!

Get more information and sign up here.

Not only will you discover the latest advances in longevity technology that aren’t available anywhere else, but you will also experience one of the most uplifting, educational, and inspirational weekends of your life.

From the speakers, to the exhibitors, the free samples and prizes, the fellow attendees, the tonic bar drinks and much more it is sure to be the best weekend ever.

Right now you can sign up for $297 and there are just a few seats left. Trust me the information is worth much more.

I know its short notice but I highly encourage you to attend if you can make it, especially if you‘re in the area.

Get more information and sign up here.

In health,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you sign up through this link be sure to let me know and I’ll buy you a drink there. My favorite tonic bar drink is the $18,000 Jing Master Smoothie but you have to see the menu they’ve got. I’ll also give you another bonus just for coming.

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