Looking for Fat Loss?

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Many people who come to my site are more advanced trainees. And I have fun teaching them the most advanced stuff I can.

And there’s also people just looking to get started and get in shape who arrive at my site. Sometimes I receive an email saying “You’re courses look great but they seem so advanced. I’m just looking to lose a little fat. What do you recommend?”

While I try to make every program I do have progressions from beginner to advanced, fat loss is not my specialty. Though I could cover this more, I choose not to, simply because its boring to me.

If that’s your goal I suggest you go elsewhere. But I don’t want to leave you hanging…

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to meet a woman named Shawna Kaminski. At 50 years of age she can do over 20 pullups any time she wants which earned her the nickname the Pullup Queen. Considering my personal best is 21 and I’m a “young, strapping lad” 🙂 I had to take notice.

shawna kaminski

Most 50 year olds don’t look this good!

Shawna has just released a new course called Challenge Fat Loss.

If fat loss is your goal I highly recommend you check this out.

If you’re looking for workouts to follow along with I highly recommend you check this out.

I’m all about designing your own workouts for your specific goals and focus. But let’s face it. The majority of people out there don’t want to do that nor should they. To them even exercise can be a challenge, so follow along well-designed workouts like these make it easier to do.

Following your own biofeedback is great but that takes some practice, plus you still have to have quite a bit of knowledge on exercise selection, progression and much else.

I had the opportunity to take a look at some of the workouts. First off, this is well shot video and quite nice. If you like high quality videos you’ll love this.

Secondly, the workouts are solid.

Heck, I might even have my girlfriend do some of these workouts because they’re fun and she doesn’t really listen to me 🙂

Since this was just released there’s a special half off deal going on right now. But you’ll have to hurry to grab it as its less than two days left to go.

Grab Challenge Fat Loss Now. Even just reading this page will show you some of the many things people do wrong conventionally when it comes to fat loss.

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