Making Progress and Questions

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This one came in today.

Hey Logan, I’ve only been trying to do a handstand for just under a week and with your website i am already able to hold a handstand for more than 10 seconds! (seems like forever to me) I’m going to keep on trying and maybe ill be able to do more advanced moves soon. thanks a bunch -Ryan

Excellent progress Ryan. Keep going and keep me updated on your progress.

And from a couple days ago from Samuel…

hello logan:

i have very good news!. i am practicing but is just that i’m kind of lazy for returning e-mails and leave comments on your web.. but i am getting better… i saw the video that you sent me the ”quick-start” it was GREAT!!.. i loved the video.. and i practice with the first four skills that you mentioned

1.wall handstand: this one i can do it perfectly and even more than a minute
2. frogstand: i can do it.. but is difficult to hold the position for a minute.. i wish you could give me some help with this
3.headstand: is difficult even doing it on the wall.. the head hurts me a lot every time i do this one.. i can’t even last 10 seconds
4. forearmstand: this one i’m doing it well.. on the wall.. but when i try to do it off the wall.. it results to be very difficult.. i can’t hold it even for 5 seconds

wish you could help me with these problems … and is very good to know that you care

I’ll start off by saying it’s hard for me to comment without more details but I’ll give it a go.

1. Great job on the handstand.

2. How far along you coming? If you’re hitting a time you can’t get past after you get there go to your feet for a second or two then get right back in the frogstand. Do this a couple times and it’ll build you endurance.

Another key point is to really work the fingertip and wrist control. Focus on that.

3. Are you doing it on a hard floor? Whatever the case, get more cushions. Put enough padding so that it doesn’t hurt. Overtime as you get use to it you’ll be able to minimize the padding you need.

4. The forearm stand can be tricky. You can try doing it with the one toe touch method I teach for the handstand except using the wall in this move. That should help.

That should help you to get started.

Alright, I’m off to practice some more myself.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Earlier today I was working with a new tool that’s fun and helpful. I’ll have more details on that in a week or two.

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